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Through in-depth market research, knowledge, experience and a clear vision, the Platinum Beef brand was formed. Great care is taken in each production process from genetic imports, breeding, cattle husbandry, feedlot production, slaughter process  and distribution. Farm management and the strict control and management of data ensure absolute traceability of each and every animal, embryo or semen straw.

Platinum beef is a proud member of Wagyu SA and is registered in the Wagyu Certification protocol which ensures absolute and responsible traceability of our products and animals.

The vision being simply to: “Breed the Best”, hence the trade mark PLATINUM BEEF™
With an approach of honesty and respect, Platinum Beef lives by our slogan “Simply Better than Beef

Platinum Beef quality translates:

  • Top quality genetics
  • Diverse bloodlines both local and imported
  • Meat free from any artificial hormones
  • Complete traceability via DNA verification and a proud member of Certified Wagyu Beef
  • ZA approved export processing standards.

Genetics from elite sires such as Peppermill Grove L0004, Sumo cattle Co Michifuku F154 TCI 500+, Bar R A-B 6123 Homozygous Polled, Sumo F126, Michifuku, Lake Wagyu C0087, Blackmore G615 and A3001 Maifuku are present in the stud, together with world renowned maternal lines from Suzutani, Hikokura and Akiko. We are proud to announce our acquisition of genetic material from Ashwood FX0014 which elevates the Platinum Beef gene pool into orbit.

Platinum Beef believes in partnerships and opening business opportunities for all. National and international ventures have been successfully established. Sound business relationships with market leaders gives this young but promising brand the edge in a fast growing industry.